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ldmibok is an international development firm dedicated to building and maintaining public and private systems in the development sector. ldmibok utilizes technical expertise to provide solutions to developmental-related challenges in Nigeria, Sub-Saharan Africa, and other emerging economies around the world. We work strategically in a targeted yet comprehensive manner to address critical, social, and institutional issues affecting developing countries.

Idmibok has led and conducted USAID-commissioned evaluations in many developing countries. Most recently, the organization evaluated the SOSH grant in Haiti; APHIA plus in Kenya; and DELIVER/ SCMS in Pakistan. ldmibok International has conducted programmatic and clinical audits of Global Fund HIV, TB, and malaria grants in Nigeria, Zambia, Pakistan, Kenya, Tanzania, and Ghana.

Getting to know more about us

Our approach prioritizes the engagement of key stakeholders to generate and utilize evidence for decision-making to achieve sustainable solutions. ldmibok has also collaborated with global and national entities to conduct Health Management Information System (HMIS) needs assessments, facilitated improved monitoring of product use, product availability at service delivery points, systems strengthening, monitoring and evaluation, and supply chain management.



We have conducted over 1.2 million HIV tests, providing PrEP services through community pharmacists and during awareness campaigns.

1000 +

Bio-samples are transported DAILY between healthcare facilities and in the Middle Belt and Southern Nigeria

3500 +

Communities across 24 states in Nigeria have been reached with our programmatic interventions.


We have linked over 98% of identified positives to care, while ensuring retainment in care.

Join our incredible team of expertise as we utilize technical expertise and innovation to provide solutions to developmental-related challenges.

"After deworming I feel stronger and I can now concentrate in my studies"

Ayomide Otitolaye, Talented Kids N/P 16 Townhall Street

Partners and Donors

We operate across 23 states in Nigeria, where we implement our intervention programs with a host of partners, such as government agencies, bilateral and multilateral donors, civil society organizations. We work in hard-to-reach and underserved communities with vulnerable groups. 

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