Idmibok International
Idmibok is an international company dedicated to building and maintaining public and private systems in the health and development sector.

Idmibok International

Getting to Know Us

Idmibok International is a leading consultancy company that applies technical expertise to provide solutions to development related challenges in Nigeria and other developing economies of the world. We are registered in the United States and Nigeria and work strategically in a targeted yet comprehensive manner to address critical health, institutional and development related issues. We collaborate with global and local development and private entities, such as governments, bilateral and multilateral donors, nongovernmental organizations and the private sector



We maintain honesty, promptness, commitment to good services.


We remain completely responsible for our actions with satisfactory explanation.


Achieving results in a timely manner is our watch word.


We are dedicated to our work so as to achieve the set objective.


We motivate superior performance by deploying resources in form of energy, time and funds in an organized manner without wastage.


we remain our brother’s keeper at all times.

Team work

Unite and support one another to achieve organization goals.


We are transparent, accountable and committed to our duties at all times.


Professionalism, Obedience to regulations, self-control in conformity with organizational values and norms.


Punctuality at all times.


We provide a timely and positive reaction to something or someone. Remain hospitable at all times.


We do things in an open, easy to understand and honest manner. Zero tolerance for ‘shady’ deals.

On Going Projects

Idmibok International is a leading consultancy company

Our Management Team

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