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360- Degree Health Systems Development Initiative (360HSDI) is a nonprofit organization specialized in supporting real-time efforts addressing challenges for the vulnerable populace in developing countries. We work in emergency environments and in humanitarian settings, carrying out interventions with a host of partners and actors on the field to yield the best possible outcomes. We are especially passionate about working in the most hard-to-reach and underserved communities, where we are most likely to find the most vulnerable. Our primary target populations are women, children, youths, and people living with disabilities

Mission and Vision


A safe, healthy and hunger-free world where social and gender equality thrives”


“To provide and improve access to quality and sustainable Health, Social, and Economic wellbeing that save the lives of the vulnerable communities”

Program Areas

Food Security and Livelihood

360HSDI strives to end hunger, achieve food security, improve nutrition and promote sustainable livelihood in vulnerable communities in developing countries. We do this by responding to emerging humanitarian needs through the distribution of food and cash vouchers, alongside welfare programs that improve the capacities of state actors and beneficiaries towards agricultural-based value chains. We also work to increase knowledge on entrepreneurship and skills acquisition and raise awareness on the necessity for having an alternative source of income especially for people in rural settings and conflict-affected communities. Our resilient livelihood program aims at supporting measures to build and improve the capacity of vulnerable populations to be less dependent on aid and become economically independent.


We take urgent actions to combat and eliminate existing and emerging health issues. We visualize a society free from disease, and as such, we work with strategic partners on the field to implement health interventions that are designed for people within the local contexts in which they reside. We ensure our solutions are sustainable and targeted to the populations they are designed to serve, streamlining gender into our programming.

360HSDI is focused on health system strengthening, healthcare service delivery, supply chain management, technical assistance to state and local actors, as well as behavioral change communication.


360HSDI is committed to providing access and availability to clean water sources and sanitation facilities, as we believe proper hygiene is key to maintaining good health. To achieve this, we are actively involved in the implementation of both soft and hard approaches to WASH programming. We offer technical support to strengthen and effectively drive advocacy and improve collaboration with private sector entities toward innovative approaches to support improved WASH service delivery. Here, we work with local institutions to eradicate wrongful attitudes and promote good hygiene practices, encouraging ownership by the states and the residents. In addition to this, we construct WASH facilities, be it, ventilated improved pits or waterpoints, in rural communities across Nigeria to increase access and prevent security and health risks related to their absence.


Education is indisputably the bedrock of any nation. 360HSDI recognizes that Nigeria has had some poor learning outcomes over the years and has the highest number of out-of-school children worldwide. As such, we are aggressively on a mission to support the revamping of the educational systems in Nigeria and beyond, ensuring that every child has access to qualitative education.

In North-East Nigeria, we are improving the quality of both formal and informal education. Our focus is on improving the access and quality of early childhood and adult education. We work with development partners and research institutions to design the right policies that cover contextual religious and societal factors through assessments and studies to drive evidence-based decision making. Our experts help in the development of appropriate learning materials and teaching aids for pre-primary, primary and junior secondary schools. We also support teacher development through the provision of resources, designing learning assessment tools and provision of mentoring workshops.


360HSDI is working to increase the nutritional uptake of vulnerable age groups, especially, infants and under-five children, and reduce malnutrition across Nigeria, which can lead to stunting and poor development. Given our goal, we procure and supply nutritious food and supplements to children, pregnant and nursing women to drastically reduce the burden to these disadvantaged households. We are also committed to providing the nutrition-based program at the primary level, including but not limited to, growth monitoring and nutritional assessments for under-5 children, development of IEC materials on nutrition, training new mothers on infant and young child eating practices, capacity building on the use of locally-available food materials as supplements, referral, and linkage services, etc.


360 HSDI recognizes social accountability as a tool to reduce poverty via empowerment of the poor and as a step toward democratic governance. The development community has recognized that government institutions and service providers in the developing world far too often fail the poor. The failures are many and they are deep: corruption; services of abysmally low quality; no services at all. The consequence is continued deprivation of the citizens: dilapidated school buildings, clinics with no electricity or medications, absent teachers and nurses, no water, and lack of voice in important decisions. While the problem of poor public services is felt by everybody, the poor tend to be more affected by it and unable to compensate by switching to better-quality private services Social accountability has emerged as an important weapon in the fight for better governance and service delivery.

Humanitarian Affairs

360HSDI implements and coordinates humanitarian interventions, activities response and advocacy. We respond to policy development issues.  Our activities include organizing and monitoring humanitarian funding, advocacy, policymaking, and information exchange to facilitate rapid-response teams for emergency relief.

The objectives of 360HSDI humanitarian action are to save lives, alleviate suffering and maintain human dignity during and in the aftermath of man-made crises and natural disasters, as well as to prevent and strengthen preparedness for the occurrence of such situations.

  • 01.
    Our humanitarian action is guided by the humanitarian principles of humanity
  • 02.
    The centrality of saving human lives and alleviating suffering wherever it is found
  • 03.
    the implementation of actions solely based on need, without discrimination between or within affected populations
  • 04.
    Meaning that humanitarian action must not favor any side in an armed conflict or other dispute where such action is carried out; and
  • 05.
    the autonomy of humanitarian objectives from the political, economic, military, or other objectives that any actor may hold with regards to areas where humanitarian action is being implemented.

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