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360 Health Systems Diagnostics and Correction

About 360HSDC should read, “360 Health Systems Diagnostics and Correction (360HSDC) is a sister organization to Idmibok International. It is a holistic health development organization bringing expertise and innovative technology to address health-related challenges in the development sector. By collaborating with global and local development and private entities- such as governments, bilateral and multilateral donors, nongovernmental organizations, and the private sector, we draw on the breadth and wealth of experience in diverse environments or ecosystems. 360HSDC has a multifaceted team of experts with proficiency and experience in tackling the growing incidence of communicable and non-communicable diseases in Nigeria.”

360HSDCMission and Vision

Our mission is to facilitate healthcare and provide sustainable solutions to organizational, business and development related issues. We are driven by development impact and our belief that policy can make a real difference to people’s lives – it is why we exist.

Our vision is a society free of poverty, having access to suitable healthcare and a foundation for achieving sustainable solutions.

Program Areas

Health Service Delivery

360 HSDC recognizes the high prevalence of HIV transmission in Nigeria, and in line with NACA, UNAIDS and WHO guidelines, we are working to stop the uptick of cases in the country. This has prompted a proactive approach through our projects in Rivers and Benue, two high-prevalence states in Nigeria. In these states, we focus on targeted mass community testing, counseling and linkage services to select healthcare facilities carried out in hard-to-reach communities in 11 Local government areas in Rivers state and 7 local government areas in Benue state. Our interventions are built around ensuring 95% of HIV positive people on antiretroviral therapy are virally suppressed by 2030.

Asides from delivering HIV-related services, we are also committed to the reduction of both communicable and non-communicable diseases in Nigeria, included but not limited to hypertension, diabetes, malaria, pneumonia, etc

Supply Chain and Logistics

We support our clients to design functional and effective monitoring and evaluation systems that address the needs of each project. We develop theories of change, monitoring and evaluation frameworks, data collection tools, and design project evaluations. We also support our clients to develop project learning plans at the start of projects to ensure prompt identification and course correction of issues.

Technical Support

360HSDC provides technical assistance to the design and implementation of strategic health communication programs that influence individual behavior and collective action. We conduct formative research to guide message development and execution, pre-test materials and media, evaluate the effectiveness of communication on intended outcomes and provide strategic input for the modification and improvement of communication interventions.

We use findings from research to inform our solution to public health issues and regularly conduct quality research to support our work and those of our clients. Our team is skilled in designing and conducting different mixed methods research including formative research, operations research, epidemiological studies, anthropological studies, and others. We provide our clients with quality evidence to make effective decisions. Analytic methods we use include propensity score matching and multivariate techniques to measure impact.

In line with this, we have conducted HIV programmatic assessments in Abia and Taraba; MNCH skills gap assessments and task analysis in Kano; NCD research and evaluations in Rivers and Benue; amongst others.

Supply Chain Management

360 HSDC has a solid track record in all aspects of assessing, strengthening and managing supply chain data systems to improve the procurement, storage, distribution, LMIS supply chain management and coordination and dispensing of health commodities in developing countries. We have led and conducted USAID-commissioned evaluations in many developing countries. Most recently, 360 HSDC evaluated the SQSH grant in Haiti; APHIA plus in Kenya; and DELIVER/SCMS in Pakistan. 360 HSDC has conducted programmatic and clinical audits of Global Fund HIV, TB and malaria grants in Nigeria, Zambia, Pakistan, Kenya, Tanzania and Ghana

Strategic Behavioural Change Communication

We recognize the role of socio-cultural and individual beliefs on human behavior and being holistic in our approach, we identify the ways in which these beliefs could influence or be barriers to change in the communities where we work. We use research and different Social Behaviour Change Communication (SBCC) strategies to bring about change in our work. We also work with communities in a participatory manner to identify behaviors that could be harmful to their health and develop tailored plans for changing or improving those behaviors.

Capacity Building

We are committed to strengthening institutions through our work and for this reason, capacity building is built into all program implementation efforts. We build the capacities of government, private sector, partner organizations, and communities, exposing them to improved, innovative ways of solving problems and supporting them to remain relevant in the rapidly evolving development space. Our capacity building plans are developed in a participatory manner and tailored to the needs of each entity.

We have built the capacity of COVID-19 frontline workers in the FCT, HIV community testers in Rivers and Benue, government staff in the Primary Healthcare Development Agency in Kano and FCT, amongst others.

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