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360 Health Systems Diagnostics and Correction

360 Health Systems Diagnostics and Correction (360HSDC) is a sister organization to Idmibok International bringing an innovative, in-depth and up-to-date technology in addressing health-related challenges in the development sector. 360HSDC has a multifaceted team of experts with proficiency and experience in tackling the growing incidence of Noncommunicable diseases in Nigeria. 360HSDC has collaborated with International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs) to tackle and provide solutions to topical health issues in Nigeria.

360HSDCMission and Vision

Our mission is to facilitate healthcare and provide sustainable solutions to organizational, business and development related issues. We are driven by development impact and our belief that policy can make a real difference to people’s lives – it is why we exist.

Our vision is a society free of poverty, having access to suitable healthcare and a foundation for achieving sustainable solutions.



We maintain honesty, promptness, commitment to good services.


We remain completely responsible for our actions with satisfactory explanation.


Achieving results in a timely manner is our watch word.


We are dedicated to our work so as to achieve the set objective.


We motivate superior performance by deploying resources in form of energy, time and funds in an organized manner without wastage.


we remain our brother’s keeper at all times.

Team work

Unite and support one another to achieve organization goals.


We are transparent, accountable and committed to our duties at all times.


Professionalism, Obedience to regulations, self-control in conformity with organizational values and norms.


Punctuality at all times.


We provide a timely and positive reaction to something or someone. Remain hospitable at all times.


We do things in an open, easy to understand and honest manner. Zero tolerance for ‘shady’ deals.

Program Areas


360 HSDC recognizes the high prevalence of HIV transmission particularly in rural areas where diagnosis and treatment are challenging. This condition has prompted a proactive approach through our project on targeted community testing carried out in eleven Local Government Areas in Rivers state.

Supply Chain and Logistics

360 HSDC has a solid track record in all aspects of assessing, strengthening and managing supply chain data systems to improve the procurement, storage, distribution, LMIS supply chain management and coordination and dispensing of health commodities in developing countries. 360 HSDC has led and conducted USAID-commissioned evaluations in many developing countries. Most recently, 360 HSDC evaluated the SQSH grant in Haiti; APHIA plus in Kenya; and DELIVER/SCMS in Pakistan. 360 HSDC has conducted programmatic and clinical audits of Global Fund HIV, TB and malaria grants in Nigeria, Zambia, Pakistan, Kenya, Tanzania and Ghana

Technical Support

We provide technical assistance to the design and implementation of strategic health communication programs that influence individual behavior and collective action. We conduct formative research to guide message development and execution, pre-test materials and media, evaluate the effectiveness of communication on intended outcomes and provide strategic input for the modification and improvement of communication interventions. Analytic methods we use include propensity score matching and multivariate techniques to measure impact. We provide behavior change communication services to complex programs with national coverage and community-specific communication interventions.

Social Accountability

360HSDC recognizes social accountability as a tool to reduce poverty via empowerment of the poor and as a step toward democratic governance. The development community has recognized that government institutions and service providers in the developing world far too often fail the poor. The failures are many and they are deep: corruption; services of abysmally low quality; no services at all. The consequence is continued deprivation of the citizens: dilapidated school buildings, clinics with no electricity or medications, absent teachers and nurses, no water, and lack of voice in important decisions. While the problem of poor public services is felt by everybody, the poor tend to be more affected by it and unable to compensate by switching to better-quality private services Social accountability has emerged as an important weapon in the fight for better governance and service delivery.

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